About Us

Our 38 years of experience as a family-run travel solution provider have given us a unique vantage point from which to discern the unique importance of relationships over numbers. Throughout our operation, we have chosen to build and develop these relationships by working diligently, providing remarkable services and solutions, investing in the latest technology and making it work for our clients with reliability and the utmost care.


Having a travel agent when things go wrong? Priceless!


1977 Joachim Grapsas initiates his career in travel
1984 Nuova Travel is founded
1985 Becomes an IATA member
1987 Alexandra Grapsas, Nuova Travel’s current Reservations Manager joins the company
1989 Nuova Travel becomes a Limited Company (Societe Anonym Company)
1989 Nuova Travel’s current Managing Director, Thanassis Grapsas, joins the family business
2005 Nuova Travel moves to new privately-owned premises
2007 Company Management System is certified as being in conformity with ISO 9001:2000
2010 Company Management System is certified as being in conformity with ISO 9001:2008
Professional Affiliations
IATA – Member since 1985
P.E.TA.G.A (Greek Union of Air Travel Agencies) – MD is Member of the Board
HATTA (Hellenic Association of Travel & Tourist Agencies) – MD is Member of the Committee for Airline affairs
EVEP (Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry) – MD is ex-Member of the Administrative Council
2018 Company Management System is certified as being in conformity with ISO 9001:2015


From the inception of our company, we have enjoyed the support and close cooperation of our clients and suppliers alike.

Building strong relationships is the core of our business and what we enjoy most about what we do. The foundation of providing above par travel services consists of in-depth knowledge, experience, reliable technology and utmost care.

Care is what makes service stand out and can only exist when people come before numbers, when relationships grow and deepen over time.

So when we say we are user friendly and aim to make your life easier in every way we can, we mean it. Our size and philosophy allow us to deliver just that. What our clients call reliable solutions and remarkable service.


You provide feedback, we improve our services!